Controlled batch distillation in a vacuum and at atmospheric pressure

Apply a single-fluid industrial heating process


  • Storage tank.
  • Boiler. SS resistance.
  • Glass column, packing,3 SS trays, removable insulation.
  • Glass reflux head.
  • SS coil, glass condenser.
  • 2 glass vessel.
  • Cooling water circuit


  • Temperature probe.
  • Flowmeter with safety.
  • Level detector.


Dim : 140 x 70 x 240 cm – 160 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm


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Hydrodynamic study of the column

Determine overflooding conditions

Determine packing factor


Influence of operating parameters

Reflux ratio, differential pressure of column

Control of head temperature


Operate a batch process

Materials balances

Thermal balance

Yield, productivity