Implementation of UV disinfection treatment and TOC concentration reduction



  • 200 L feed tank. Removable lid. Draining valve. Connection valves to the feeding pump. Low level detector for pump protection.
  • Feeding module Connection pipes from the module and ss by pass circuit. Centrifugal pump, flow rate. Two valves for pressure regulation:

Ball valve on feeding pipes.

Membrane valves on by pass pipes.

  • UV Module

TOC reduction: 1 UV lamp (185 nm).

Disinfection: 1 UV lamp (254 nm).

Flow rate measurement before and  after the module.

High temperature interlock.

TOC measurement.


  • 4 flowmeters.
  • Manometers.
  • Temperature probe.

Study the influence of two UV lamps (185 and 254 nm)

Alone or in series