Educational equipment in chemical engineering, water treatment, environment, heat exchange, fluid and pumps, bio-industry, bioprocesses, control, automation and industrial control.

Pignat provides materials teaching for many training academics, engineers, biological engineering.

Equipement Kilolab

Pilot units for laboratories, research centers and start-up. Realization of the synthesis of your products in development, to scale kilo and scale-up tools.

A complete range: versatile reactor MKE anticorrosive, cristalliser, filter nutsche scraped, agitated tank, agitated decanter, washing column.



The industrial engineering includes the preliminary feasibility study, design, pre-assembly, testing, delivery, commissioning and maintenance of the units.

On request: realizations of the FAT and SAT.



Your partner to develop and industrialize your process

Since 1960, we are constantly creating new units, new educational materials from our industrial experience and the feedback from our customers. This ability to innovate allows us to continuously improve our existing equipment and their quality

Alex Maucors - CEO

Since 1960

Glass blowing and process Engineering

A certified and labeled company

Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant - Logo détouré

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The PIGNAT team wishes you a very happy new year! 🥳
After 3 generations of PIGNAT at the head of the company, it is Alex MAUCORS' turn to continue to blow the future of the company.

From know-how
to innovation

Our products are the result of more than 60 years of recognized know-how, dedicated to constant innovation.


Our know-how is the strength of our expertise.

Innovation is the engine of our success

Qualified personnel

Our design office, our engineers and our process engineering staff are renowned all over the world.


PIGNAT has been labeled "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company).

Since its inception, 8 workers (MOF) have exalted the name of PIGNAT. Two of them squeeze even their knowledge only in the society.


Project & implantation

PIGNAT is with you from start to finish in all of your industrial projects:

◎    Pre-project (design diagram)
◎    Detailed 3D layout
◎    Specific technical training document
◎    Implantation design
◎   Maintenance contracts

They trust us: