Separation industrial process implementation

Continuous distillation study under atmospheric pressure


  • Polyethylene tank. Draining valve.
  • 2 gear pumps SS/PEEK head, with integrated safety valve.
  • SS preheater.
  • Glass thermosiphon boiler, SS heating element.
  • Glass column, removable insulating, glass bubble cap trays, SS intermediary trays.
  • Glass condenser, SS coil.
  • Glass refrigerant, sampling valve.
  • 2 graduated glass vessels, solenoid valve.
  • 2 polyethylene tank.
  • Cold water circuit.
  • SS spill containment tray, draining valve.


– Venting thermostate.

– Pressure relief on the heating line.


  • Temperature probes Pt 100Ω.
  • 1 safety thermostat.
  • 1 vane flow transmitter.
  • 1 water flow transmitter.
  • 1 ethanol flow transmitter.
  • Electronic relative pressure transmitters.
  • 1 electronic differential pressure transmitter.
  • Level detectors.


Dim : 230 x 175 x 300 cm – 500 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm


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Operating training learning

Unit start study

Determination of an operating point

Controls configuration

Transitory phase study

Study of the different types of control : level, temperature, flow, pressure


Influence of the operating parameters

Heating power

Feed rate

Feeding solution concentration

Feeding level

Reflux ratio


Perfom a continuous process

Mass and thermal balance, yield