Study two solid-liquid extraction methods

Batch process


  • Glass reactor, removable basket, SS lid.
  • Hydraulic system for vertical and horizontal displacement of the tank.
  • Stirring system, variable speed.
  • Distillation column.
  • Condenser, glass shell, SS coil.
  • Level setting crosshead.
  • Soxhlet type extractor, removable basket with polymer bag.
  • Vacuum circuit with vacuum trap.
  • Vacuum pump.


  • Flowmeter.
  • Manometers.
  • Temperature probes Pt100Ω.
  • One safety thermostat.
  • Color touch screen


Dim : 320 x 100 x 240 cm – 350 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm


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Study solid-liquid extraction processes

Percolation, immersion

Steam extraction


Extract concentration by evaporation or distillation

Reduced or atmospheric pressure