Reverse osmosis membrane filtration process. Osmosed water production



  • Graduated tank.
  • SS multi stage centrifugal pump.
  • Reverse osmosis module: casing, polymer filament membrane.
  • Permeate circuit: sampling valve, flow rate measurement and polyethylene storage tank, graduated.
  • Retentate circuit: sampling valve, pressure retaining valve, graduated storage tank.


  • Manometers.
  • PVC flowmeters
  • Combined probes (conductivity and temperature) with portable electronic indication.


Dim : 200 x 80 x 195 cm – 125 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm


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Study the reverse osmosis process for water and various NaCl solutions

Determine the osmotic pressure of water

Van ’t Hoff equation

Determine how the overall retention of the module varies with the filtration pressure and initial Concentration of the salt solution

Variation in the conversion rate of the membrane


Qualitative and quantitative comparison with experimental data

Material balance

Influence of pressure on osmosed water production rate