Study of the batch distillation

Glass spherical boiler

Perforate plates column

Internal reflux


  • Glass boiler vessel, with draining valve.
  • Heating mantle, protection by insulation and SS sheet.
  • Distillation column with perforated plates, sampling valve.
  • Glass reflux divider, glass distillate draining out by a solenoid acting a magnetic valve.
  • Glass condenser, glass coil.
  • SS cooler.
  • Glass distillate receiver.
  • Cool water circuit.


  • Temperature probes Pt100Ω.
  • Flowmeter.


Dim : 135 x 60 x 145 cm – 60 kg


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Influence of operating parameters

Reflux ratio, boiler heating capacity, quality of mixture to be distilled


Batch distillation

Materials balance

Monitoring of liquid-vapor equilibrium and temperatures

Yield, productivity