Operate a continuous distillation process

Operate a batch distillation process


  • Metering pump.
  • Electrical pre-heater.
  • 3 feeding level on the column.
  • Glass shell heater equipped with a resistance overflow tube.
  • Glass Column with Multiknit packing and SS Sampling flange.
  • Glass reflux head, with reflux dividing solenoid valve.
  • SS & glass coil condenser.
  • 2 graduated glass receivers.


– Venting thermostate.

– Pressure relief on the preheater.


  • Temperature probes Pt100Ω.
  • Differential pressure transmitter.
  • Flowmeter.
  • Level sensor.
  • Touch screen with data acquisition.


Dim : 150 x 70 x 240 cm – 150 kg


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Distillation or rectification:

The distillation process separates several volatile liquids, simple or complex mixtures,

by a series of vaporisation and condensation steps.

A number of liquids may be separated in this way if their boiling points are sufficiently different.

Continuous distillation separates a mixture into fractions: a volatile fraction, the distillate

extracted at the column head and a heavy fraction, the residue extracted at the bottom of the column.


Characterization of a distillation efficiency

Determination of the theoretical

Number of plates


Influence of the operating parameters

Preheating temperature

Feed rate

Reflux ratio

Column pressure drop