Study of solid-liquid extraction processes in batch



  • Glass tank, 10 L, removable baskets with polymer bag filter.
  • Kettle electric heating mantle.
  • Distillation column in glass , SS Multiknit packing.
  • Reflux head, manual reflux valve, temperature sensor, two drawing valves.
  • Glass condenser with SS coil.
  • Soxhlet type extractor, removable basket with polymer bag filter valve.
  • Manual extraction level control.
  • Refrigerant with glass coil.
  • Pneumatic pump.


  • Flowmeter.
  • 3 temperature probes Pt100Ω.
  • Thermocouple K.
  • Manometers.
  • Vacuum.


Dim : 170 x 70 x 200 cm – 130 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm


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Study solid-liquid extraction processes

Percolation, decoction, infusion, maceration, digestion and elution

Vapor extraction


Concentrate the extract by evaporation or distillation

At atmospheric pressure

At reduced pressure