Multipurpose solid-liquid extraction process

Experimentation of different processes used in industries


  • Jacketed and insulated ss tank 10 L.
  • Variable speed stirrer (anchor).
  • SS internal basket.
  • Evaporating column, stainless steel, condenser, sight glass at condensate outlet.
  • 2 glass decanter, 2 L, side overflow.
  • SS insulated tank, with jacketed at the bottom, sight glass on steam feeding and injection.
  • Column, in SS,  packing glass Raschig rings, condenser.
  • Glass fat flask, 25 L.
  • SS centrifugal pump, by-pass, cartridge filter, sight hole and isolating valve.
  • Steam circuit and Water circuit.


  • 10 temperature probes.
  • 3 manometers.
  • Vacuum manometer.


Dim : 340 x 105 x 270cm – 700 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm


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Aroma extraction

This Solid-Liquid Extraction unit enables the solid-liquid extraction process to be implemented by simple contact in discontinuous mode.

A certain quantity of solid matter (the load) containing the solute to be extracted is put in contact with the solvent (hot or cold).

The unit is used in a batch process for small-scale operations in particular in the laboratory and for the extraction of cheap products

of vegetal origin (extraction of chlorophyll, and caffeine, etc.) using aqueous or alcoholic solvents.


Study of different extraction processes

In fixed bed or in suspension (infusion, percolation, decoction)

With solvent: liquid phase or steam


Extraction process

Batch or semi continuous mode

Selection of the operating temperature and pressure

Extract and solvent phases recycling by forced or gravity flow


Evaporation process

Batch or continuous mode

Selection of the operating temperature and pressure

Stripping with steam


Process Follow-up

Mass and heat balances, process output