Study of liquid-vapour equilibriums

Atmospheric and reduced pressure functionning


  • Adiabatic ebulliometric chamber, 300 mL, liquid phase drawn-off.
  • Electric resistance.
  • Double effect cooler in glass, condensed vapor phase extraction valve.
  • Vacuum circuit: isolating valve, solenoid valve, adjustment valve, safety valve, vent valve, isolating valve from the process, vacuum connection device and absolute pressure transmitter.


  • Temperature probe Pt100Ω.
  • Absolute pressure transmitter.



Dim : 80 x 55 x 110 cm – 60 kg
Aluminum profile framework


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Theoretical study of binary mixtures

Ideal miscible mixtures: Dalton’s equation, Raoult’s equation

Non-ideal miscible mixtures (deviation, volatility, azeotropic mixtures)

Partially-miscible and non-miscible mixtures


Experimental study of binary mixtures

At atmospheric pressure and under vacuum

Liquid-vapor phase diagram

Application to rectification: calculating the number of theoretical plates