Synthesis reactor at laboratory scale


  • SS tank, double jacket, glass cover.
  • Stirring system, speed display, PTFE coated SS stirring shaft, PTFE three-blade propeller.
  • Graduated glass feeding funnel.
  • Reflux head and monobloc cooler, glass coil, manual reflux valve.
  • Glass coil exchanger.
  • Two glass receivers for distillate, graduated.
  • Heating unit.
  • Glass vacuum trap.


  • SS thermometer.
  • Digital Thermometer for reflux head.
  • Vacuum manometer.
  • Flowmeter.


Dim : 130 x 70 x 185 cm – 100 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm


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Study of the various unit operations identified

Inorganic and organic chemical reactions

Evaporation at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum

Crystallization by controlled cooling

Static decanting


Select and study the influence of process parameters such as

Service pressure: vacuum or atmospheric pressure

Stirring speed

Heating temperature

Cooling process