Assembly, disassembly and testing the different parts of an agitated reactor



  • SS cover with: hole of loading, agitation, temperature, output from the condenser. PTFE gasket. Mobile thermal protection.
  • Draining valve.


  • Motor with low fixed speed.
  • Motor /mobile SS shafts coupling (propeller or bi-blade).

Thermoregulatory group:

  • Integrated controller.
  • Power.
  • Set of flanges and gaskets.

Cooling circuit:

  • Pressure control.
  • SS condenser and glass sight.
  • Adjusting valve.
  • Isolation valve.
  • Connection with the capacitor.

Vacuum circuit

  • Diaphragm vacuum pump.
  • Vacuum gauge.
  • Isolation valve.
  • Adjusting valve.
  • Events valve.
  • Safety valve.


  • 2 temperature probes.
  • Flowmeter.
  • Manometer.


Dim : 150 x 90 x 170 cm – 130 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm


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Performing maintenance at different levels

Understanding and reading of PID or 3D diagrams

Selection of suitable material

Change a simple bridle

Replacing of a stirring mobile

Assembly of motor

Installation of a connection or utility


Detection of anomalies of the assembly and react accordingly

Listen to and follow the instructions

Check and control Assembly



Evaluation of skills associated with the operation

Tests in real conditions

Look after the order and cleanliness of the workplace