Study simple level control and flow control loops



Storage water C0:

  • 50L feeding tank
  • Centrifugal pump


Tank C1

  • Transparent tank, Ø200, h=500mm
  • Disturbing piping
  • Volumetric pump.
  • Tri way valve


Tank C2

  • Transparent tank, Ø200, h=500mm
  • Disturbing piping


Feeding circuit

  • Control  valve
  • Flowrate transmitter


Dim : 150 x 60 x 200cm – 100 kg
Aluminum profile framework


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Study a level / flow rate cascade loop


Study a level control integrator loop (volumetric pump P2 for drawing off at a regular flow rate)


Operate safety devices: high level sensors in tanks, low level sensors to protect pumps.


Study and set the parameters of industrial sensors and actuators.

Sensors using different technologies are installed: level by bubbling or

by pressure, flow rate by electromagnetic flowmeter, control by solenoid valve or pump.


The sensor and actuator signals are available for wiring on 4 mm safety jack sockets.