Study of the chemical reactions with various parameters

Unit to put on table

Data acquisition


  • Glass reactor, jacketed, glass cover, reflux head with distillation valve.
  • Stirrer, SS/PTFE shaft and mobile.
  • Glass coil condenser, jacketed.
  • Glass reagent feed funnel, draining valve and filling hole.
  • Heating group.


  • Temperature probes Pt100Ω.
  • Air flowmeter.
  • Water flowmeter.


Dim : 120 x 55 x 125 cm – 70 kg
SS framework 30 x 30mm


Télécharger la fiche


Perform a reaction

Control the temperature of the reaction mixture (if option)

Control the temperature of the heat transfer fluid

Influence of stirring speed


Add reagent at the beginning or at a later stage


Reaction medium

Homogeneous liquid

Gas-liquid heterogeneous