Mass transfer between gas-phase and liquid-phase

Unit to put on table


  • Liquid-phase feeding pump, magnetic drive, sampling valve.
  • Glass column, in three parts:

– Column head, with SS plate equipped with a liquid flow diffuser.

– Packed section, , glass Raschig rings 6×6, SS packing support.

–   Column bottom, SS plate.

  • Enriched liquid-phase magnetic pump.
  • Receiver, polyethylene, draining valve.
  • Graduated glass funnel, 2.5 L.


  • 2 pipe U manometers.
  • 2 water flowmeters.
  • CO2 flowmeter.
  • Air flowmeter.


Study the hydrodynamics of a packed column

Determine over flooding conditions

Determine packing factor


Study the absorption of CO2

Materials balance on the gaseous solute

Determination the efficiency of the column by defining the HTU and NTU

Demonstrate the exothermic effect due to absorption