Study of the characteristics of a centrifugal pump

Coupling two pumps in series / parallel


  • 150 L PE tank with removable lid and draining valve.
  • SS centrifugal pump: measurement of the power consumed and variable speed.
  • SS centrifugal pump and transparent flange.
  • Serial coupling selection valve.


  • Vacuum Gauges.
  • Manometers.
  • 2 flowmeters.
  • Vacuum gauges.


Dim : 210 x 70 x 225 cm – 150 kg


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Centrifugal pumps

In industrial installations, fluid transport/flow in pipes, reactors, and filters, etc.

requires energy transferred to the fluid. This energy is supplied by pumps which

enable the different pressure losses in the circuit to be overcome.

Choosing the right pump and right pump technology is therefore essential.

The main objective of this pump study bench is to familiarize the operator

with the various notions associated with using a centrifugal pump,  and more

particularly that of pressure (head) available at the pump output.


Study of the two self-contained centrifugal pumps in suction operation

Plot the characteristic graph at various speeds

Observe cavitation

Determine yield electrical consumption/hydraulic power


Study of the pump coupling methods

Coupling in series

Coupling in parallel


Study a motor pump assembly in suction operation (optional)

Determination of characteristic TDH (total dynamic head) graphs against flow rate

Determination of yields (electrical consumption/motor torque/hydraulic power)