Study two centrifugal pumps mounted on a hydraulic circuit

The circuit can be heated or put under vacuum


  • Insulated SS tank, level visualization.
  • SS electrical resistance.
  • SS motor pump with 3 wheels of different diameters, mounted on rails.
  • Measurement of the engine torque by counterweight and balance.
  • SS centrifugal pump with transparent flask.
  • Serial coupling selection valve.


  • Flowmeters.
  • Temperature probe Pt100Ω.
  • Vacuum gauges with pressure stabilizer.
  • Manometers with pressure stabilizer.


Dim : 170 x 65 x 215 cm – 250 kg

SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm


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Study a motor pump

Determine characteristic TDH (total dynamic head) graphs against flow rate (for different

wheel diameters, different rotation speeds, suction and load operation)

Define yields (electrical consumption/motor torque/hydraulic power)


Study a self-contained centrifugal pump

Determine the characteristic TDH graph as a function of the flow rate at a set speed


Study of the pump coupling methods

Coupling in series or parallel


Observation of the cavitation

Cavitation due to heating, negative pressure or intake throttling