Horizontal bench, piezometric tubes measurments

Experimental approach to fluid dynamics


  • 100 L polyethylene storage tank with removable lid and isolating valve.
  • SS centrifugal pump.
  • Circuit 1, smooth piping, 1m, ND 20, Two 90° bends, two 45° bends, tracer injection device.
  • Circuit 2, Sudden narrowing from ND 25 to ND 10. Sudden enlargement from ND 10 to ND25.
  • Circuit 3 Smooth piping, ND 10, 1 m long. Rough piping, ND 20, 1 m long. Diaphragm, ND 10. Venturi, ND10.


  • Float flowmeter.
  • Nineteen piezometric tubes.


Dim : 190 x 70 x 210 cm – 175 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm


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Study of pressure drops of various components in hydraulic networks

Bends, abrupt changes in pipe diameter

Pipes of different diameter, length and roughness


Comparison between flow rate measurement techniques

Float-type flowmeter, Venturi, Diaphragm