Study the fluidization with water of a bed of glass beads



  • 100 L tank with removable lid.
  • SS centrifugal pump.
  • Glass column, packed.
  • ND 60 glass column, packed.
  • Glass column.
  • Set of valves: column selection and draining.


  • 2 flowmeters.
  • Piezometric tube, a hand pump for the
    pressure setting, draining valve.


Dim : 160 x 90 x 190 cm – 150 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm


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Fluidization study

Determine experimentally the minimum fluidization speed

Study the expansion of the bed

Analyze pressure drops as a function of water flow rate


Study the influence of parameters on fluidization

Column diameter

Glass bead diameter and density