Study air fluidization of solid particles

Implement pneumatic transport of solids


  • Air feeding circuitry with filter, pressure reducing valve.
  • Air flow rate measurement with float rotameter.
  • Fluidization chamber in glass, with bronze retention grid and solid particles bed.
  • Glass cyclone.
  • Filter to collect light particles (filtering capacity : 50μm). Solid particles delivered with the unit : recrystallized alumina.


  • 1 float rotameter.
  • Differential manometer with graduation.


Dim : 90 x 40 x 155 cm – 60 kg
Aluminum profile frame


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Study air fluidization of solid particles

Characterise the solid to be fluidized.

Apply experimental fluidization equations :

Define the ΔP graph for the fluidized bed as a function of air flow rate

Determine the minimum fluidization velocity

Influence of the height of the bed of particles


Understand the operation of a cyclone