Liquid-Liquid extraction process without inflammable solvent  or organic compounds

Phase recovery by volatile adsorption process

2 units coupling:

Stirred liquid-liquid extraction

Liquid solid adsorption


  • 2 peristaltic pump, integrated on/off.
  • 2 Glass decanter.
  • Glass column.
  • Stirring shaft, made of 27 SS Rushton type stirrers, variable frequency motor.
  • 4 sampling ports.


Dim (extraction): 140 x 60 x 240 cm – 120 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm


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Extraction process

On the base of a stirred liquid-liquid extraction process, this column allowed

to extract the methylene blue solved in a saline aqueous solution by a polymer solution.

The polymer enrich in methylene blue can be regenerate by an adsorption process

who fixed the extract methylene blue.


Clean process delivered with reageants kit

Aqueous solvent only

Recycling solutions

Safe and biodegradable


Use of a ternary diagram

Mass balance

Determination of the column efficiency