Liquid-Liquid extraction process without inflammable solvent  or organic compounds

Stirred liquid-liquid extraction

Liquid solid adsorption


  • 2 peristaltic pump, integrated on/off.
  • 2 Glass decanter.
  • Glass column.
  • Stirring shaft, made of 27 SS Rushton type stirrers, variable frequency motor.
  • 4 sampling ports.


Dim (extraction): 140 x 60 x 240 cm – 120 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm


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Extraction process

On the base of a stirred liquid-liquid extraction process, this column allowed

to extract the methylene blue solved in a saline aqueous solution by a polymer solution.

The polymer enrich in methylene blue can be regenerate


Clean process delivered with reageants kit

Aqueous solvent only

Recycling solutions

Safe and biodegradable


Use of a ternary diagram

Mass balance

Determination of the column efficiency