The operations are presented in the form of mobile modules

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  • The washing fruits (CUV/1000).
  • The fruits are then prepared for press:

– Hard fruits without stones are ground (BRO/2000)

– Stone fruits are stoned and crushed (DRP/2000)

  • The fruits are mechanically pressed to extract the juice

 – Packing press (PAP/2000)

 – Water press (PHY/2000)

  • The enzyme treatment is performed in a thermostatic tank (CVT/1000)
  • The juice is clarified and treated on a plate filter (FIA/2000)
  • The juice is pasteurized (UPA/2000), to prevent fermentation.
  • After treatment, the juice is hot bottled (UEM/2000) in clean bottles and tightly capped (CCO/1000 and CPP/1000).


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Study of a complete process line


Versatile production of apple, pineapple or grape juice


Qualitative and quantitative study of a transformation process

Performance monitoring

Sugar amount and pH monitoring

Visual appearance and taste

Microbiological data

Considering the duration of each step


Study of unit operations and analysis of key issues

In food engineering, industrial engineering, biochemistry, microbiology and hygiene and safety


Application of industrial constraints

Cleaning, disinfection, quality