Organic and inorganic synthesis in a corrosive solutions



  • Spherical glass flask, 10 L, heating mantel 2 kW.
  • Silicone mantle for top protection.
  • Lifting table.
  • Glass lid with connections for temperature probe, feeding orifice, stirring bearing box, condenser inlet, reactive flow.
  • Stirrer, variable speed, PTFE coated SS shaft, mobile PTFE three-paddle helix.
  • Glass condenser.
  • Glass graduated receiver, capacity 1 L with PTFE draining valve, and connection to vacuum circuit by PTFE flexible.
  • Graduated glass feeding funnel, capacity 1 L.


  • Temperature probe Pt100Ω.
  • Manometer.
  • Digital thermometer.
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Reactions under reflux


Concentration under reduced pressure and atmospheric pressure