Study of the absorption of O2 in air by deoxygenated water

Unit delivered with educational handbook and technical documentation


  • Deoxygenating column. Glass Raschig rings packing.
  • Nitrogen inlet.
  • Polyethylene tanks.
  • Pump delivering water to the deoxygenating column.
  • Glass wetted wall column.
  • Pump delivering water to the wetted wall column.
  • Compressor.


  • Air flowmeter.
  • Water flowmeter.
  • 2 oxygen probes.
  • 2 portable oxymeters.


Dim : 85 x 50 x 220 cm – 60 kg
Aluminum profile framework


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Nitrogen stripping of raw water to deoxygenate water


Determination of mass transfer coefficients


Variation of air flowrate, influence of liquid flowrate