Study of the adsorption/desorption cycle in continuous operation

Study of using 2 columns in series or in parallel


  • 2 polyethylene tank.
  • 2 double jacketed glass columns, with pressure measurement at its top and bottom.
  • System for easy handling, charging and cleaning of the column.
  • Heating group.


  • Flowmeter.
  • Temperature probe Pt100Ω.
  • 2 digital thermometers.
  • 2 manometers.


Dim : 170 x 70 x 210 cm – 100 kg
Aluminum profile framework


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Study of the adsorption process on activated carbon

Influence of parameters: temperature and liquid phase concentration, liquid and gas flow rates, adsorbent quantity

Materials balance and calculation of adsorption number

Demonstration of carbon saturation: column breakthrough graph

Calculation and drawing of the adsorption isotherms


Study of the desorption process

Compare desorption in liquid phase and gaseous phase


Operation using a two-column system: series and parallel operation