Solid liquid adsorption in one column



  • Feeding tank, polyethylene, 20 L with draining valve.
  • Feeding pump.
  • Electric preheater with temperature measurement and control.
  • Glass column, DN40 height 1 m, feeding, sampling and vent valves.
  • System for easy handling, charging and cleaning of the column
  • Storage tank, polyethylene, 20 L.
  • Heating group (option O3).
  • Desorption under nitrogen circuit.


  • A float flow meter.
  • A Pt 100 Ω temperature sensor.
  • Two digital thermometers.
  • Two pressure dial gauges.
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Study adsorption process on activated carbon

Influence of temperature, flow rate and liquid phase concentration parameters

Mass balance and calculation of adsorption number

Demonstrate saturation of carbon: column breakthrough graph

If option, study of the influence of temperature on adsorption process


Study desorption processCompare desorption in gaseous phase

Mass balance of desorption cycle