Crystallization by controlled cooling

Continuous crystallization in a stirred tank


  • Glass preparation vessel, jacketed glass vessel 25 L
  • 500 ml glass graduated, jacketed intermedia vessel.
  • Jacketed glass crystalliser, 2.5 L, ND 150, draining valve.
  • Stirrer variable speed 50 to 2000 rpm.
  • Pneumatic controller draining valve.
  • Peristaltic pumps with rotation variable speed
  • Thermostate glass Buchner filter.
  • Thermoregulator group
  • Cryothermostated group -40 to 200 °C. Cooling for air.
  • Thermoregulator


  • Pt 100 Ω temperature probes.
  • Level detectors
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Continuous or batch operation

Material balance.

Thermal balance.


Study of the influence of parameters on crystallization

Temperature, stirring speed, concentration on the performance.


Study of the crystallization kinetics


Temperature control