• Feeding tank: 50L, in PVC, with transparent face, syphon draning valve.
  • 1th feeding line: with submerged pump, filling electrovalve.
  • 2th feeding line: with submerged pump, filling electrovalve.
  • 3th feeding line: with submerged pump, filling electrovalve.
  • Tank: 15L, in PVC & PMMA, with safety overflow, PVC electrovalve.



  • Electrovalves.
  • Six level detectors.


Dim : 90 x 50 x 110 cm – 80 kg
Aluminum profile framework


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Study of a simple automated process


Study of the filling of a tank and drainage


Study of a compact system that works in closed circuit


Proposal of practical work in teams

 Management of pumps

 Management of solenoid valves

TON-level management

Available at the stage for connecting signals

 A PLC or control system


Unit comes complete with a full technical document (teaching manual, diagrams of principle, nomenclature, electrical diagrams, technical documents of the materials used)