Study and set the parameters of industrial sensors and actuators

Calibrate and compare the technologies


  • Water storage C0 :
    Feed tank : about 50 L.
    SS centrifugal pump : about 2 m3/h
    By-pass ciruitry.
  • Tank :
    Clear plastic tank, diameter 200 mm and height about 500 mm.
    Feed pipe plunging into the tank.
    Consumption pipe returning to feed tank.
    On-Off electropneumatic valve.
  • Feed circuitry:
    PVC pipes.
    Analogue control device : valve or pump (see option 01 or 02).


  • Level detector.
  • Electrovalves.
  • Pressure transmitter.
  • Flowrate transmitter.


Dim : 150 x 60 x 160 cm.


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Control level

Unit designed for training technicians to adjust and/or maintain industrial control systems.

Depending on the options chosen, the test rig can be used for complete and varied studies of a PLC or a controller using either ON/OFF inputs (L1, L2)

or analogue inputs (LT1, FT1) and acting on either ON/OFF valves or analogue actuators (VR1, variable speed drive)


Study a simple

  • Level control loop
  • Flow control loop
  • Level / flow rate cascade loop


Choose the actuator used for control 

Control valve or variable speed drive on pump (see options)


Study an On/Off level control system

using solenoid valves (feed and evacuation)