Study and adjust a level control loop acting on a feeding flow rate



  • Water feeding circuitry
  • Regulation proportional solenoid valve
  • Clear PVC cylindrical tank equipped with a graduated rule. Lineal internal overflow tube.
  • Diaphragm control valve.
  • Distubing piping with a vernier needle setting valve and ball valve.
  • Configurable electronic PID controller.



  • Float type flow meter.
  • Relative pressure transmitter.
  • Configurable electronic PID controller.

Study and adjust sensors and actuators


Study and adjust a simple control loop:

Identify loop components: sensor, controller, actuator

Controlling variable and controlled variable concepts

Identify the system: integration constant and dead time

Determine P, I and D actions and controller parameters

Study the system’s response to interference and setpoint changes


Use a technical industrial file