Control valve size calculation, Cv and Kvs concepts



  • Water reducing valve with control pressure gauge.
  • Samson pneumatic control valve type 241. Kvs = 0.1, characteristic: exponential.
  • Positioner: to choose among the options above. Positioners are equipped with gauges on supply and output.
  • Pneumatic servo-drive type 3271.
  • Air feeding.


  • Float flowmeter.
  • Differential electronic pressure transmitter with local display.
  • The 4-20mA signals available on wiring terminals Ø 4mm.


Dim : 80 x 60 x 80cm – 50 kg
Aluminum profile framework 30 x 30mm


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Study the operation of an industrial pneumatic control valve

With or without positioner

Study the installed and intrinsic characteristics of the valve

With other check valves (optional)


Assemble and disassemble a valve (optional)