Hydrodynamic study of the three columns



  • Polyethylene tank with removable lid and draining valve.
  • Submerged pump, low level detector, isolating valve.
  • Bubble tray column, isolating valve.
  • Glass column, packing with glass Raschig rings, isolating valve.
  • Glass column packing with Multiknit, isolating valve.
  • Fan, by-pass valve. Pressure measurements.


  • Air float rotameter.
  • Water float rotameter.
  • U piping.


Dim : 200 x 75 x 240 cm – 235 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm


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Comparative study of the three columns

Bubble tray column

Column packing with glass Raschig rings

Column packing with Multiknit


Study the hydrodynamics of three columns

Determine conditions of operation and overflow conditions

Determine the pressure drop