pH transmitter study and calibration



  • Glass reactor, 1L, quick opening lid, draining valve.
  • Adjustable overflow tube.
  • Electrical stirring with adjustable speed. SS shaft and propeller.
  • Feeding tank, 20L, in polyethylene.
  • Dosing pump, variable flow by potentiometer.
  • 2 storage tanks, 10L, in polyethylene.
  • 2 pumps for proportioning (acid/base).
  • Separated pH probe.
  • Effluents storage tank, in polyethylene.


  • PID configurable controller.
  • Electronic pH transmitter with local display, signal 4-20mA.


Dim : 80 x 60 x 160cm – 100 kg
Aluminum profile framework 45 x 45mm


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pH control loop study and setting

pH transmitter study and calibration

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Two separated pumps for acid/base control