Pollution control for municipal effluents by biological treatment in an aerobic medium



  • Pollution circuitry:

Tank, 200 L, polyethylene, on independent mobile framework.
Peristaltic pump, variable flow rate.

  • Aerobic vessel:

Rectangular clear PVC tank, 60 L, conic bottom.
Removable lid with support for probes pH, Redox and O2.
Two flow levels towards the settler at 30 and 60 L.
Stirring, Stainless steel stirring batch and mobile, Rushton turbine.
Adjustable stirring speed and height.

  • Aeration circuitry:

Diaphragm compressor.
Air injection circuitry,  PVC sparger immersed into the aerobic vessel.

  • Settler:

30L clear PVC cylinder-cone settler, overflow of treated water.
Removable lid with support for sludge veil probe.
Stainless steel sludge-scrapper, fixed speed : 1 rpm.
Membrane pump, sequential operation through a settable programmer.

Study of mass loads and hydraulic loads for the process

Biomass balance
Pollution balance by monitoring the COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)


Determine the specific characteristics of the medium

Measure SS (Suspended Solids).
Quality of the medium by monitoring the redox potential and the pH potential


Treatment in aerobic and anoxic media

Variation of aeration conditions for the aerobic pool