Study a chemical reaction in a perfectly stirred reactor



  • SS jaketed reactor.
  • glass lid with eight holes.
  • Stirred.
  • Graduated glass vessel.
  • Heat reflux and condensator, ss coil
  • Glass cooling
  • Thermoregulatory group
  • Cooling water circuit
  • Vacuum circuit


  • Termometers.
  • Vacuometer.
  • Rotameter.





Dim : 125 x 60 x 190 cm – 100 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm


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Use a unit using industrial technologies (comparable form and technology) for laboratory-scale reactions 

Inorganic and organic chemical reactions
Static decantation


Select and study the influence of process parameters including

Service pressure: vacuum or atmospheric pressure
Stirring speed
Heating temperature