Compare three industrial heat exchangers with identical surface areas: 0,5 m2

Two technology (tubular, plates) same material

Two materials (stainless steel, glass) same technology


  • ECH1: plate exchanger, stainless steel.
  • ECH2: glass/stainless steel exchanger, SURLYN coated. Tube with baffle-plates, composed of SS tubes
  • ECH3: glass/glass exchanger, SURLYN coated. Tube with baffle-plates, composed of glass tubes.

For each of these three exchangers:

  • Two three-way valves for selection of the direction of circulation.
  • Heating unit .
  • Steam circuitry: flowrate and bottling of condensate setting valves.


  • Temperature probes Pt100Ω.
  • Flowmeters:
  • Manometer.


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Heat exchangers

The design of this unit allows the study of three industrial exchangers

with identical surfaces: a plate heat exchanger, a glass shell and SS tube

heat exchanger and a glass shell and glass tube heat exchangers.

Two three‐way valves allows the study in co‐current and counter-current

flow in each heat exchanger.


Study the parameters affecting heat transfer

Exchanger materials: glass, stainless steel

Regime: turbulent, laminar

Circulation: co-current, counter-current

Thermal transfer fluid used: hot water, steam


Characterize and compare heat transfers

Thermal balance


Overall experimental and theoretical heat exchange coefficient K


Study the condensation of steam