Study of the structure of a program/programming



  • Suction circuit: 70L PVC tank, with removable lid, Draining valve by suction.
  • Submersible pump with safety float.
  • Lift circuit: setting valve.
  • Storage buffer tank, transparent column.
  • Loading circuit: Centrifugal pump, setting valve.
  • Water tower, transparent column, with lid. Three detectors AON level low, middle and high.
  • All inputs and outputs are pre – wiring.


  • 2 level sensor low flow.
  • Light indicators.


! Unit delivered with or without automaton.


Dim : 125 x 60 x 180 cm – 120 kg
Aluminum profile framework 45 x 45mm


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Simulate a municipal water distribution network

Study of a water control distribution network

Management of contact AON of buttons, pumps of controls and indicators

Operation in automatic mode or manual mode