Understanding the ultrafiltration process

Identifications of operating conditions in industrial environment



  • Jacketed feeding tank, SS, 8 L, removable SS flat lid.
  • Volumetric pump.
  • Mineral ultrafiltration module: tubular module, SS carter, ceramic membrane.
  • 4 SS food diaphragm valves, assembly by clamp connections, SS piping.


  • 2 manometers mounted on separator.
  • Digital thermometer.


Dim (with framework): 80 x 65 x 175 cm – 80 kg
Aluminum profile framework


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Design in line with food industry criteria

Assembly using food-grade clamp couplings

SS valve with food grade membrane

Cleaning in place possible (option)


Ultrafiltration feasibility study for food processing solutions


Study of two technologies

Plate module, pipe module

Organic membrane, inorganic membrane