The characteristic PIGNAT?

An industrial Know-how always at the forefront which allows to develop in parallel an educational range for the engineers and technicians of tomorrow.

Current example

To meet an industrial demand with strong constraints:
- High viscosity of the reaction medium
- Vacuum foaming phenomenon
- Formation of cold spots
- Operation in ATEX zone

PIGNAT designed a stainless steel double jacket reactor, with a raising and lowering system, equipped with a specific stirring bearing and a suitable stirring unit.

The unit is complete with refractometer and integrated weighing system, a vacuum and inerting system, a heating group up to 300 °C and a high performance vacuum pump.

The reactor is surmounted by an adiabatic glass column made in our workshop.

Instrumentation and control is carried out via a touch screen located in the ATEX zone and additional supervision is installed remotely, outside the zone

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