ATEX Stainless steel REACTOR

To meet a special request from one of these industrial customers, PIGNAT manufactured and installed a tailor-made synthesis reactor

The main constraints were the high viscosity of the reaction medium, a vacuum foaming phenomenon, the formation of cold spots and operation in an ATEX zone.

The PIGNAT engineers designed a Stainless steel double jacket reactor, with a raising and lowering system, equipped with a specific stirring bearing and a suitable stirring unit.

The unit is complete with refractometer and integrated weighing system, a vacuum or inerting system, a 300 ° C temperature control unit and a high-performance vacuum pump.

The reactor is surmounted by an adiabatic glass column made in our workshop

The reactor is monitored and controlled via a touch screen located in the nearby ATEX zone.

Additional supervision is installed remotely, outside the zone.

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