Anticorrosion distillation

A Canadian Technology Access Center (CAT), specializing in the fields of green chemistry and process control, offering process scaling services and applied research     expert services, trusted us the design and development of distillation equipment for the treatment of corrosive mixtures.

This pilot unit is custom-made and can work in continuous or discontinuous mode, from atmospheric pressure to vacuum of 150mbar.

Working temperatures can reach 180 ° C.

The pilot has 2 interchangeable columns, one with Sulzer type packing and the other with Raschig glass rings.

The different materials are compatible with the corrosive mixtures to be distilled.

A touch screen is used to control the unit, to follow the progress of the operation with historical curves, to export data.

distillation produits corrofis
Bouillieur double enveloppe
colonne garnissage Sulzer
colonne garnissage